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332 Police Constable posts for Telangana State < 15.3.2016

Written By Ajit Kumar on Thursday, February 25, 2016 | 3:57 AM

Rc.No.21 /Rect./Admn.1/2016 Dated: 19-02-2016
1) Applications are invited through ONLINE mode only in the prescribed proforma to be
made available on WEBSITE (www.tslprb.in) from 25-02-2016 to 15-03-2016 for recruitment
to the following posts. The registered applicants may download Intimation letter one week
before the date of Physical Measurements Test/Physical Efficiency Test. The number of
vacancies indicated is only tentative and is liable for change without giving any notice.
TSLPRB reserves the right to notify the modifications with regard to any aspect of recruitment
during the process of recruitment.

Post Code No. : 34
Name of the post : Stipendiary Cadet Trainee (SCT) Police Constable (Communication) (Men & Women) in Police Department
No. of vacancies  332

2) The Applicants who are desirous and eligible may apply through ON-LINE mode
only by satisfying themselves with the eligibility conditions of this recruitment.
4. Registration Fee for the Applicant belongs to Telangana State OC / BC:
Rs.400/-, SC /ST: Rs.200/-.
Medical Standards :
a) Eye Sight : Visual Standards required for the above selection shall be as
i) Right Eye Left Eye
(i) Distant Vision -- 6/6 6/6
(ii) Near Vision -- 0/5 0/5
(Snellen) (Snellen)
ii) Each eye must have a full field of vision.
iii) Colour blindness, squint or any morbid condition of the eye or lids of
either eye shall be deemed to be a disqualification.
b) The applicant should possess sound health and be free from any bodily defect
or infirmity which will render him unfit for the posts notified.
c) Applicants who have the following ailments or defects will not be considered
for recruitment to any post specified in this rule
i) Physically handicapped
ii) Knocking-knees, pigeon chest, flat foot, Vericose veins, Hammer toes,
fractured limbs, decayed teeth, stammering, hard of hearing and
abnormal psychological behaviour.
Physical Measurements Test (PMT): The candidates shall be required
to appear for the Physical Measurements Test and should meet the following
a) For Men:
i) Height: Must not be less than 162 centimetres.
ii) Chest: Must not be less than 84 centimetres round the chest
on full inspiration with a minimum expansion of 4
b) For Women: Height: Must not be less than 152.5 centimetres
01 100 metres run 15 seconds 16.5 seconds
02 Long jump 3 . 8 0 meters 3.65 meters
03 Shot put (7.26 Kgs) 5 . 6 0 meters 5.60 meters
04 High jump 1.20 metres 1.05 metres
05 800 metres run 170 seconds 200 seconds
1 100 Meters run 20.0 Seconds
2 Long Jump 2.50 Meters
3 Shot put (4.00 Kilograms) 3.75 Meters

B) Special Categories : The Applicants who claim reservation / quota under
following special categories should satisfy the following conditions: -
i) NCC – National Cadet Corps - Applicants who possess NCC ‘C’
certificate will be preferred. If sufficient applicants are not available, then the
applicants who possess NCC ‘B’ certificate will be considered. If vacancies still
remain unfilled, then the applicants who possess NCC ‘A’ certificate will be
ii) Home Guard – Persons who, as on the date of notification, have been
on duty as Home Guards for a minimum duration of 360 days within a period of two
years and who are still continuing their service as Home Guards come under this
iii) CPP – Children of Police Personnel up to the rank of Inspector of
Police in service in T.S. Police Department as well as Children of Police Personnel
upto the rank of Inspector of Police, who after serving in the T.S. Police Dept. have,
either retired or died, will come under this special category.
Children of police personnel who were compulsorily retired or removed or
dismissed from service as a measure of punishment will not be considered for quota

under ‘Children of Police Personnel’ (CPP)
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