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Member (Judicial) in Customs,Excise and Service Tax appellate Tribunal (CESTAT) post < 31.12.2014

Written By Ajit Kumar on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 | 5:28 PM

F.No. A.120261r t2014-Ad'IC (CESTAT)
subject: Advertisement for filling up the vacancies for the post of
Member (Judicial) in CESTAT'

Applications are invited for the post of mumber (Judicial) in the Customs,Excise and Service Tax  appellate Tribunal  (CESTAT). The post carries HAG+ Pay scale of Rs.75,500-80,000/- urrd oth., allowances zuch as DA, ARA, TA etc', as admissible under the central Government Rules. while no reseryation is provided for SC/ST candidates in making appointmeniio it. post, the clairns of eligible and suitable SC/ST candidates will be duly considered.

2. while candidates already in Government Service and entitled to pension will
continue to enjoy p"rrsiorraty benefits. others will be entitled to contributory Provident Fund under thi ContributoryProvident Fund Rules (India), 1962.

3. The Members of CESTAT are liable to be posted to the Principal Bench at Delhi or at any of the Zonal Benches (presently localed at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai' euogator., AhmedJad, Chandigarh,'nU*tuUaa and Hyderabad) and would be liable to be transferred anYwhere in India.

4. OUALIFICATIONS: A candidate should have held a Judicial Office in the
t'@st 10years ;or should have been a Member of the Indian Legal 
Service and held a post in Grade-I of that Service or any equivalent or higher post for at least three years; oi should have been an Advocate for at least 10 years' 
Explanation: For the purpose of above:
("i in computing the period for which a person has held judicial office.in the territory of naiu, there shall-be included any period, after he has held any judicial offiee, during which the person has been an advola:te or has held the office of a Member of a Tribunal or any poG under the Union or a State, requiring special knowledge of law'

 (b) in computing the period for which a person has-been an advocate, there shall be irrrtua.a aoy ietioi during which the person has held a judicial office or office of a Member of any Tribunal or ary posts under the Union or a State, requiring special knowledge of law after he became an advocate.

5. AGE: No person shall be eligible for appointment as Member unless he has
completed forty five years of age otr the last date for receipt of applioations in the  Department. T[e date of retirement of a Member shall be the date on which he attains the age of sixty-two Years.

6. Last date for receipt of applications in the Department would be 31st December, Z1t1.This date would be used for determining the age, eligibility and qualifications also. lncomplete applications and applications received late will not be considered

7. DUTIES : Customs, Excise & Service Tar Appellate Tribunal has been set up to hear upfi"utr in Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax Cases, against the orders passed by the Commissioner (Appeals) of Customs/Central Excise.

8. PROBATION PERIOD : Every person appointed as a member shall be on probation for a prtioa of one year, which can be extended at the discretion of the Central Governrnent for a further period of one year at a time so that the period of probation in aggregare may not exceed three years. A rnember is liable to be discharged from service at any time during the period of probation without assigning any reasons.

9. FOR GOVERNMENT SERVANTS: Applications should be submitted through proper channel, along with Vigilance Clearance Certificate, synopsis of the record/reports based on which the Vigilance Clearance ll'as granted, ACR/APAR dossiers (or attested photocopies thereof), a statement showing the MajorAvlinor Penalty imposed, if any, during tire last 10 years, and Integrity Certificate in Annexure- I.. Applications not receivetl through proper channel will not be considered and no correspondence will be made in this regard.
10. Applicants from the Bar may subrnit their applications directly to Department of Revenue.

11. In terms of Rule 6(6) of the Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal Membcls (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1987, (available on the website of the Department of Revenue i.e. http://www.dor.eov.in) the Selection Committee may devise its own procedure for selection of Members.

12. Carrdidates called for interview shall appear before the Selection Committee at their own exnense at Delhi or any other place fixed for the purpose.

13. Application form from the candidates, in the following format duly completed and signed, should reach to the Under Secretary (CAT), Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, Room No.51-II, North Block, New Delhi-l10001 on or before the date for receipt of the applications. 

(S Bhowmick)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Telefax: 01 l- 2309 5359

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