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Client Relationship Partner, Business Relationship Partner jobs in Yes Bank

Written By Ajit Kumar on Sunday, August 17, 2014 | 8:07 PM

YES BANK Ltd ("Bank") does not charge applicants/ aspiring candidates any fees for providing employment, training, etc with the Bank. Further, the Bank has not authorized any third party (such as individuals, vendors, recruitment agencies, etc.) to make any employment offers to the applicants/ aspiring candidates on its behalf. If you are approached by any such third party offering you employment with the Bank and demands you to pay a fee / charges of whatsoever nature, please do not rely on any such offers and do not make any payments to the third party. We request you to immediately report such instances to the Bank, at hcmrcu@yesbank.in with all the details available of such third parties. General public is also hereby advised to exercise caution while dealing with such unscrupulous persons/agencies/ third parties. If any person deals with and relies on offers made by such third parties, it shall be solely at the risk and responsibility of such person and the Bank shall not be responsible or liable to any such person for any losses or damages suffered by them or for providing any employment

Client Relationship Partner
YES FIRST Business Relationship Partner
YES Prosperity Business Relationship Partner

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