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Appointment to the post of Member (Economic & Commercial) in the Central Electricity Authority, on deputation < 5.10.2014

Written By Ajit Kumar on Monday, August 11, 2014 | 8:03 PM

No.A.  35018/2/2014-Adm.l
Government  of India Ministry  of Power
Shram  Shakti  Bhawan, Rafi Marg,  New  Delhi -  110001
Telephone No. 23715507; FAX No. 23717519
Date: 4.8.2014

Subject:  Appointment  to  the  post  of  Member  (Economic & Commercial) in     the    Central Electricity    Authority,     on    deputation/short-term      contract    basis    -    inviting applications  for -  regarding

I     am  directed  to  circulate  the  vacancy  of  the  post  of  Member  (Economic  & Commercial) in the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) for filling up on deputation/ short-term contract basis.

2.        The post of Member  in the Central Electricity Authority carries the scale of pay of Rs.22400-525-24500/-  (Pre-revised) [Rs.67000-79000 (Revised)] with  ex-officio  status  of Additional  Secretary to the Government of India.  The incumbent of the post is entitled  to other allowances/ benefits as per rules of the Central Government.

3.        Appointment  to  the  post of  Member  in the  Central Electricity Authority is being made in accordance with the provisions contained 'in  Section 70 of the Electricity Act, 2003 . read with  the Central Electricity Authority (Terms and conditions of Service of Chairperson and other Members) Rules,2005.

(a)        the  post  of Chief Engineer  or equivalent   in the  scale of pay of Rs.18400-500- 22400  (pre-revised)   [Rs.37400-67000   + Grade  pay of  Rs.10000  (Revised)]  or higher  post or scale of pay on a  regular  basis for  at least five  years  under  the Central  Government   or a State Government;


a  post  equivalent   to  that  of  a  post  mentioned    in clause  (a) above,  under  a State  Electricity   Board or a  semi-Government   Organisation   or a  Public  Sector Undertaking   or an Autonomous    Body or a  Statutory   Body or a    University   or an Indian  Institute   of Technology   or an Indian  Institute of  Management   on  a regular  basis for  at least five years; and

(b) The  person   would   also  need  to   possess  a   minimum    of  three   years  field experience  in the  relevant  field.

9. It  is   requested   that   the  above  mentioned    vacancy  may  be  given  wide   publicity amongst   the  eligible   candidates   and  the   particulars   of  the  suitable   and  eligible   serving persons who  are willing  to  be considered  and whose  services can be spared,  may please  be forwarded    in  the   enclosed   Proforma   (Annexure-11)  (in  quadruplicate)    together  with   the following   documents/information    so as to  reach within   60 days from  the  date  of publication of the     vacancy     circular     in    the     Employment      News/Rozgar     Samachar,     to     the Under  Secretary   (Admn.l),   Ministry  of  Power,  Room  No.225,  Shram    Shakti  Bhawan,   Rafi
Marg,  Ne\1v  Delhi-110001:

(i) Attested   photocopies   of Annual  Confidential   Reports for the  last 5 years. 
(ii) Vigilance  Clearance  Certificate   & Integrity   Certificate   (to  be signed  by an officer   not  below   the  rank  of  Deputy   Secretary  to  the  Government    of India).

(iii) Whether any penalty  has been imposed  on the  applicant  during  the  last ten years, and if so, the details  thereof.

10.       Applications       received      after     the     closing     date     or     without       the     requisite documents/ information   will  not  be considered.

(P.P. Bose) 

Under ..Secretary to the Government of India 

Tele No.23715327

Economic  evaluation   of  power   policies  and  projects;   appraisal  of  tariff   for  Nuclear Power  Stations;  financial   packages;  financial   parameters;  interest   during  construction   and completed   cost;  examination  of  bulk  power  tariff   structure;   performance  of  SEBs; scrutiny for   import    duty   exemption;   certification   of   deemed   export    benefit;    co-ordination   for externally   aided  schemes;   examination  of  Power   Purchase  Agreements,  advice   on  legal matters,  etc.

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