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Appointment of Consultant to study/analysis the National Grid

Written By Ajit Kumar on Monday, August 11, 2014 | 9:52 PM

No. 11/48/2012-PG Government   of India Ministry  of Power
Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg
New Delhi,  dated 16th July' 2014

Subject:  Appointment of  Consultant  to Conduct  the  study/analysis   to  ensure  secure  and reliable operation of the  National  Grid and constitution of a Grid Study Committee  to facilitate Consultant  in his task b  sed on the  follow  up action  on decisions taken  on the  recommendations   contained  in the  report  submitted by Task  Force on  Power System Analysis under contingencies-regarding

In  pursuance of  the  decisions taken  in  the  meeting  by  Secretary  (P) to  consider recommendations contained in the report submitted  by Task Force on Power System Analysis under  contingencies, it  has  been  decided  by  the  Competent  Authority that   Power  Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) would appoint a Consultant to conduct the study/analysis to  ensure secure and reliable  operation  of the  National  Grid with  the  following  Terms of Reference (TOR):-

Tasks to be taken up in the time frame of 3 months

(i) Analysis of Third Party Protection Audit  carried  out  earlier  of PGCIL and  individual  States system, identify  gaps and suggest  methodology to address them.
(ii) Calculation of  Transfer  Capability  (TTC/ ATC) for  entire  country  State-wise,  including neighboring  countries where the  Power transfer is taking place- Existing, required up to  2016-17  and suggestions for  addressing  the  gap." The methodology  for  optimum calculation of TTC/ ATC may be given.                            ,

A preliminary report  in this regard would  be submitted to the Ministry of Power in 6 weeks. Tasks to be taken up in the time frame of 6 months
(i)Review  the   status  of   implementation    of  the   recommendations   of   the   Inquiry Committee.
(ii)Carrying  out   actual   Protection   Audit   to   address  the   gaps,   in   consultation   and collaboration  with  states and all stakeholders as per present and future  requirements up to 2016-17.                               
(iii)Guidelines  for  computer   aided  st  dies  related  to  relay  settings   and  recommendations thereof.
(iv) Guidelines  for  developing   and implementing    Islanding  schemes
(v) Suitable  suggestions   in the  Regulatory   framework    to  ensure  Secure  and  efficient   grid operation.

2.Further,   a  Grid  Study  Committee   comprising   the  following    as members   would   also be constituted   to facilitate   the  Consultant's   study/analysis:-
(i)Member (GO&D),CEA -         Chairman 
(ii)Chief Engineer  (GM), CEA -    Member 
(iii)COO, CTU      -                      Member 
(iv)STUs (One from  each region)-Member 
(v)Executive  Director,POSOCO- Member 
(vi) Other  Members,as required.

3.All administrative  and logistic expenses on account of Grid Study Committee  will  be borne by the Central Transmission Utility, i.e. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited .

      Yours faithfully

        Ajay Joshi
Under Secretary to the Govt.of India
Telefax: 011-23730264
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