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Junior Accountant for Infosys BPO Jaipur

Written By Ajit Kumar on Friday, July 11, 2014 | 6:54 PM

Description for Job Posting Job Posting For  Infosys BPO India

Job Title Junior Accountant – Jaipur

Reference Code Inf_EXTERNAL_63786757_1

Job Role Junior Accountant

Location(s) Jaipur , Rajasthan , India

Process Reengineering : Delivers on the new process / approach IN ORDER TO meet client / internal goals

Knowledge Management : Shares experiences IN ORDER TO facilitate capture of tacit knowledge
Customer Interaction : Resolves individual cases that need re-work IN ORDER TO ensure high C-Sat / NPS score from the end user.

Process Compliance : In a voice process - Effectively executes calls of the clients customers, resolves query/issue as per deliverables outlined, maintains voice quality as per standard agreed, handles repetitive calls and strives for target maximization IN ORDER TO meet quality standards. In a data process - Executes client transactions i.e. attends to the transactions, verifies basic information, and closes customer query /issue as per defined SOP/ parameters prescribed;
Ensures appropriate documentation of the upshot from the last transaction on the clients’ account as per the prescribed  format. IN ORDER TO meet quality standards.
SLA Compliance : In a data process - Executes transactions as per prescribed guidelines and timelines such as verifying documents, processing bills, analysis of data, responding to complaints/ queries on mail, interacting with vendors for order management depending on the process (the nature of the transaction would depend on the process) IN ORDER TO meet SLA targets. In a voice process - Follows all predefined procedures, adheres to all the laws regarding telesales applicable in
that specific location in order to meet SLA target and to ensure that the performance parameters are met and exceeded IN ORDER TO meet SLA targets

Requirements 1
Additional Info Replacement indent - Not a part of FY 14 Q1 UTDP
Experience Required Entry Level (< 2 Years Relevant Experience
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