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Freshers both Engineers and Non- Engineers apply for job in WIPRO

Written By Ajit Kumar on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 | 10:43 PM

Wipro's reputation as a pioneering and innovative company in the Indian technology landscape makes it a determined choice for the best talented engineers. Wipro places great focus on hiring the best emerging talent from premier engineering institutes across the nation. Engineers from campus form a large portion of the new workforce entering the organization every year. They are put through Wipro world class training programs on joining, in order to further equip them with the tools required to excel in the technology field.

Wipro is firmly committed towards a strong industry-academia collaboration program which is mutually beneficial. We engage multiple stakeholders on campus, including students, faculty and management in various development programs and other initiatives.
  • Students: At the student level, the focus is on soft skills and technical development, in addition to corporate readiness training. Wipro also conducts or sponsors cultural, technical events and festivals for the student community.
  • Faculty: At the faculty level, Wipro works towards updating faculty on emerging technology and corporate trends, in addition to honing communication, presentation and facilitation skills. Mission 10X is a pioneering initiative towards this effort.
  • Institutes: Close relationships have been forged with many premier engineering institutes in the form of Memorandums of Understanding, which outline the long term relationship plan along with the interventions that Wipro will conduct at the institute.
  • Events: Wipro visits campuses across the nation for hiring the best talent, and also conducts off campus events on occasion at various centers across the country.

Engineers of 2014
We have closed our requirement for hiring Engineering Graduates from 2013 through the fresher hiring program. Apply online for updates on the latest opportunities in Wipro that are relevant to you.

Wipro recognizes and nurtures talents from the university degree colleges of India. The graduates are highly valued and the non-engineers in Wipro contribute greatly in making our company a world leader in the technology domain. Our talent acquisition team is dedicated to identifying non-engineers who can steer the fortunes of our company and with the vision of a leader who can contribute to the company's success in more ways than the technology domain.

Over the years some of our best performers have been non engineers. Every year we aim for the best minds that can align our industry thoughts with non-technical developments and seamlessly transition these thoughts into successful realities. It has happened in the past and we look forward to acquiring new non engineering talent who can make all the difference in our quest towards bigger success and constant innovation. If you are a graduate and have what it takes to be a part of this global organization, choose from our WASE and TISA programmes to make a difference in your career.
Graduates of 2013Non-engineering Graduates of 2011 - Apply now
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