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CRISIL Certified Analyst Programme (CCAP):
CCAP is a two-year, intensive work-cum-study programme. It combines coursework, job assignments and interactive seminars that equip the learner with exceptional financial and business skills. The programme is aimed at developing world-class financial professionals for analyst positions in CRISIL.
For more details about the CCAP Programme, click here.

Message from the President - Human Resources
Dear Friends,
It gives me immense pleasure to announce the commencement of the 13th edition of CRISIL Young Thought Leader Competition (CYTL).
Once again, I invite bright and talented young minds across campuses in Argentina, China, India and Poland to send in dissertations on issues topical to the world of business, and verily shape the way the world looks at things.
At CRISIL, thought-leadership has been the cornerstone of success through the last quarter century. Not surprisingly, the company's senior management involves itself in every stage of the competition from selecting topics to evaluating submissions.
Since launch in 2001, CYTL has attracted a broad spectrum of theses. And the efforts of participants often become the stepping stones to future business leadership.
So come, show us your bandwidth, brilliance and business acumen.
I am eagerly looking forward to your wonderful insights.
With best wishes and warm regards,
G. Ravishankar
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Download and fill the CYTL Registration form
Description: http://www.crisil.com/crisil-young-thought-leader-2013/images/step-2.jpg
Submit the following to cytl@crisil.com
1.     Duly filled CYTL Registration Form
2.     Participant's Resume / Profile

About CRISIL Certified Internship Programme:
CRISIL Certified Internship Programme (CCIP) is a six-month internship programme in Mumbai that combines training and hands-on experience through job assignments; involving in-depth analysis of financial statements; understanding the business; interacting with the clients; understanding the Indian economy, and writing a detailed credit report.

CCIP's objective is to provide interns with exposure to the financial services industry, enabling them to make the right choice with the available career options. The programme presents an opportunity to interact with highly experienced finance professionals in the SME Ratings Sector.
  • Who Can Apply
  • Education -
    70% and above in Graduation, AND any one of the below
    1. Commerce / Economics / Management Graduate OR
    2. Graduate in any other stream,
        with Economics or Accounts as Major subject
Age -
And born on or after 1st January 1990
Mumbai & Pune Candidates Preferred

  • Reach us on:
  • Tel: +91 22 3342 3411/ 3000
E-mail: ccip@crisil.com

Vacancies @ CRISIL
Description: http://www.crisil.com/images/dots.jpg
Keen on a career in CRISIL? In case your profile matches any of the listed vacancies, you may apply and send in your details through the application form.
For leadership positions, please write to Sonal Goregaonker at sonal.goregaoker@crisil.com

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[Job Code - CC/Freshers/2014/Humanities]

Description: http://www.crisil.com/images/spacer.gif
Across any business division of CRISIL
Mumbai /Delhi/ Chennai / Pune – Can be placed in any of these for four locations
As a fresh inductee into CRISIL, you will:
  • Get trained in the CRISIL way of doing things – with independence and analytical rigour
  • Develop a habit of tracking the financial environment such as economic developments and company performance – global and domestic, trends in government policy, corporate governance etc.
  • Get an opportunity to work with Indian & global clients within your first year of joining where you will :
  • • Work with clients to understand their problem or gather data and information
  • • Contribute to your team’s effort at independent research and analysis aimed at arriving at robust conclusions or recommendations
  • The research and analytics will include web and market research, creating and running financial models, simulations, scenario analysis etc.
  • • Contribute to your team’s effort at articulating their work in a clearly thought and laid out presentation or report
  • • Present and defend your findings/conclusions at internal peer review discussions
  • • Work with Indian & global clients to share views on the company/sector.
  • Be assigned an area/domain where you will be expected to track developments by bringing yourself upto speed through studying the body of work done by CRISIL and studying concepts and practices that are generally accepted or used
  • Get to continuously learn - through structured training programmes, participation in internal analytical peer review meetings and seminars/conferences as well as on-the-job learning.
Candidate Profile:
  • Good Communication skills
Essential Qualifications:
  • Final year of B.A / M.A in Humanities (History / Sociology / Psychology / English / Political Science)
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MBA/ C.A. Freshers
[Job Code - CC/Freshers/2013/MBA-CA]

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Description: http://www.crisil.com/images/dot_black.jpg
Graduate Freshers
[Job Code - CC/Freshers/2014/Graduate]

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