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Web Application Developer 6 posts in Fly Cart Chennai

Written By Ajit Kumar on Monday, June 2, 2014 | 11:59 PM

Web Application Developer

Want to build rich, enterprise  quality web applications? Then you’ve come to the right place.
As application developer, you would be discussing, creating and deploying applications that are highly flexible and scalable. You will enjoy the freedom to innovate, design and develop on your own ideas. You’ll get a chance to be involved in open-source projects and have your code shared throughout the community.

    Code and develop new features for the application 
    Optimise application for scalablity,security and extreme performance 
    Work with designers to create front end UI for web apps
    Work on back-end servers to integrate with apps
    Manage & monitor production app servers
§  Love to code, code...code and crazy about it
§  Ability to divide and conquer any given problem/task
§  Able to deliver amazing results with minimal guidance and supervision
§  Passionate (especially about web development!), highly motivated, and fun to work with
§  Master in basics of all web technologies (web server, browser, http etc,.)
§  Expert in PHP and highly experienced in web development
§  Expert at jQuery,Angular and other Javascript frameworks
§  Able to work with Git repositories, and remote code hosting services like GitHub and BitBucket
§  A hacker. Have you built something cool lately? Show us!

Note: Please Register with the site and login before you apply.

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