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Senior Software Engineer in Motarola ,Bangalore

Written By Ajit Kumar on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | 10:11 AM

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·         Job Description - Senior Software Engineer (140000BG)

·         Job Description 

Senior Software Engineer-140000BG


Team and Culture Description:
The Cloud research and Development team is bringing cloud enabled 
experiences and platform services to our mobile devices and ecosystem 
of partners worldwide. The team is at the center of a fast paced innovation 
cycle in the industry that is bringing mobile and cloud offerings as a 
seamless end to end experience for our consumers. This is the next big 
thing in mobile computing and the portfolio of products and services we 
are developing is an industry first. The group uses a broad spectrum of 
technologies to develop its platforms and is made available as an app 
on a mobile device, or a SAAS based web application or as platform 
services with API interfaces in the cloud. Technologies used to deliver 
these capabilities span, Java Server based technologies, Google 
Cloud services, Content delivery frameworks, Android framework & 
apps, a range of web tools, scripts and application models. The team 
is comprised of a diverse set of engineers with strong entrepreneurial 
backgrounds and are passionate about developing large scalable 
platforms, technologies and experiences that will revolutionize the next 
wave of innovation in mobile computing.

Scope of Responsibilities: 
Be a core team member of the Cloud Services Software Upgrade team 
that is charted with building highly scalable platform that span across 
both server and client which can upgrade millions of smartphones and 
tablets and providing many other exciting brand new user experiences. 
As a core team member you will be defining architecture, leading the 
design and development of user interface, content framework and data 
models for mobile cloud platform in a cloud centric connected system for 
high volume & highly dynamic data. Be a part of an opportunity to own 
and drive the delivery of back-end services and applications in a fast 
paced environment. This team is responsible for designing consumer 
applications that are highly scalable, highly optimized, high performing, 
and used by millions of Android devices. Activities are global in nature 
with daily collaboration with teams around the world.
You will be defining architecture, leading the design and development 
of user interface, content framework and data models for mobile cloud 
platform in a cloud centric connected system for high volume & highly 
dynamic data. Responsible for all aspects of design and implementation 
with a strong emphasis on architecture and leveraging the latest open 
source technologies. The systems will be built on IAAS, PAAS and SAAS 
models leveraging Google Cloud Services and Platforms. Performs hands 
on prototyping and development of core concepts and work closely with 
development teams and guiding implementations. Manage projects and 
coordinate dependencies as required. The position will be required to 
interface with Cloud Services Engineering and collaborate across Product 
Management, User Experiences Quality Engineering and other teams.

Job Description:
The successful candidate will be a mature cloud based web services 
architect and engineering lead with expertise in developing cloud based 
user interface and APIs for highly scalable, performant, message oriented 
and collaborative systems, and a strong acumen to present information 
using clean uncluttered interfaces.
At-least 2 years of solid coding experience Required
Extensive hand written and tested HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Medium to large scale projects developed using AngularJS and Bootstrap
Full test automation for projects using Karma/Jasmine
Designing testing and integrating with RESTful APIs using JSON
Experience using OAuth flows
Visualization libraries like D3 or Google Charts
Performance optimizations

Preferred Qualifications:
Experience using Yeoman for scaffolding
Agile development with continuous integration
Python, Django
Experience writing Google App Engine application
Experience designing graphics
Experience doing wireframe design
Self-motivated and driven to play with new technologies and taking 
risks with bleeding edge technologies will be valued. Helping develop 
execution roadmaps, project plans and running agile scrums will be 
preferred. Expected to be goal oriented and adaptable to a fast paced 
environment is absolutely essential. To be a team player, values the 
project, company and co-workers.
3+ years in architecting and developing a middleware or cloud platform 
is preferable. B - Tech degree or equivalent, ideally in Computer Science 
from a Tier 1 college is desired.

Motorola Mobility is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
If requested in advance and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or other applicable law, we will provide reasonable accommodation to applicants in need of accommodation so as to permit access to the application, interviewing, and selection process.

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