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Post Doctoral Fellowships (PDF) in IIT Madras

Written By Ajit Kumar on Friday, June 6, 2014 | 7:06 AM

Institute Post Doctoral Fellowship at IIT Madras Scheme
It is proposed to offer a number of Institute Post­Doctoral Fellowships (PDF) at the Indian
Institute of Technology Madras.(IIT Madras).
It is a temporary research position which may be  offered for those  who  seek to  choose research as a  profession. The research  work during the  post­doctoral period can be in areas that are of interest, both to the post­doctoral fellows and the
Institute.(Institute henceforth refers to IIT Madras)  The presence of the post­doctoral fellows at
the Institute will further enhance the research culture and output of the Institute and help promote
inter­disciplinary research. It is a transition phase which can also help a fresh doctorate transform
into an independent researcher before taking up a research career.
­  Candidates with a Ph.D. Degree or who have submitted their theses for the Ph.D degree
in  appropriate  disciplines  and  with  consistently  good  academic  record  and  research  potential can apply for the PDF positions in any case within five years after completion  of Ph.D.
­  A detailed research proposal has to be submitted along with the application.
­  At  least  two  letters  of  recommendation/reference  from  peers  regarding  the  research  capabilities  and  other  attributes  of  the  applicant  must  be  submitted  along  with  the  application.
­  The  candidates  selected  for  the  PDF  will  be  pursuing  independent  research  at  the
Institute. However, they will be attached to an appropriate Department depending on the  post­doctoral research and  will be associated with a faculty member of the department  who will essentially perform the role of a collaborator.
­  Candidates  who obtained their doctoral degree from IIT Madras  can also apply for the  PDF. However, it is desirable that such candidates if selected will be associated with a
faculty member other than their Ph.D supervisor/s.
Age Limit
The age limit for applicants for the PDFs will be maximum of 35  years (relaxable by 5  years for women and reserved category).
The duration of the fellowship will be initially for a period of 2 years, extendable for a
further period of one  more  year  based  on  the  progress  of  the  Post­Doctoral  fellow  and  the
recommendation of the Department.Fellowship Grant
Fellowship Amount  : Rs.30,000 ­35,000/­ p.m. Consolidated  Accommodation  :  Suitable campus accommodation as per IIT norms
if available may be provided.
Contingency Grant  :  A  contingency  grant  of  Rs.1,00,000/­  per  annum
will  be  provided  to  the  post­doctoral  fellow  for
research purposes.  Medical benefits / Insurance  :  On par with Ph.D. students
Permission for  Conference  :  Either National or International Conference can be  permitted  provided  funds  available  in  the  contingency  grant  of  the  concerned  doctoral
Apart from the research pursued by the Post­Doctoral Fellow , the services of the Post­  Doctoral Fellow will be utilized by the department upto 6 hours per week for academic assistance
in the departmental work including teaching, handling of tutorials and laboratory work.
The Post­Doctoral Fellow will be eligible for leave with fellowship not exceeding 30 days
in a year for each completed year of the fellowship. The leave can be availed on a prorate basis
for the duration (on a 6 months’ basis) of the Fellowship completed.
Post­doctoral Performance Assessment Committee(PAC)
The  performance  of  the  post­doctoral  fellow  will  be  assessed  by  the  Performance  Assessment  Committee  (PAC)  consisting  of  the  Head  of  the  Department,(HoD)  or  his
representative as the Chairperson,  the collaborator faculty member, two faculty members (need  not necessarily be from the same Department) in the area of research carried out by the fellow.  If
the HoD happens to be the collaborator faculty member, then one of the other two members of
the  Committee  will  assume  the  chairperson role. The PAC  will meet  every  year to  assess  the  performance of the post­doctoral fellow.  The candidate should present a progress report detailing
the research work carried out and research findings supported by reprints/preprints/manuscripts
of  the  papers  published/accepted  for  publication  or  communicated/  research  reports  for  this
If the Post­ Doctoral Fellow wishes to leave the programme before the end of the tenure,  he/she can do so with prior approval of the PAC giving one month’s notice.  The fellowship may
be  terminated  by  the  Institute  if  the  performance/conduct  of  the  fellow  is  unsatisfactory  after
giving one month’s notice to the Post­Doctoral Fellow.  Applications  are  received  throughout  the  year.    Invitation  for
interview will be sent by the respective departments if found suitable
after scrutinizing the application.

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