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Operations - Field / Voice / CST post for Practo Technology Bangalore

Written By Ajit Kumar on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 | 10:15 AM

Operations - Field / Voice / CST

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Job Description of a Content-Field Executive


1. Meeting Practo’s potential customers (doctors, clinics) and collect detailed information about them, by 

          explaining the benefits of getting listed on the Practo platform

2. Map their territory for all potential leads, and manage this lead pool to ensure complete coverage.

3. Ensure information collected is of high quality (No errors, good quality photographs, all relevant details of the clinic). Also ensure the collected information is uploaded everyday into the system

4. To relentlessly chase, achieve and exceed his targets, as defined by superiors

5. Efficiencies: To constantly chase and exceed the efficiency benchmarks in terms of :

  1. Average number of meetings per day
  2. Meetings to conversion rates

6. To seek awareness about the Company’s vision, goals and plans and align thoughts and action towards the same

Skills Required

  1. Dedication and desire to spend majority of the day on the field
  2. Good Communication skills
  3. Reasonably good convincing skills
  4. Good interpersonal and team skills

Pre-Requisites: Bike, Camera, Smart-Phone

Experience: 0-2 years experience on field

Employment Type: Permanent
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