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Manager posts in Axis Mutual Fund, Bangalore,Mumbai,Chennai,Delhi,Kolkata, etc...

Written By Ajit Kumar on Saturday, June 28, 2014 | 6:35 PM

21 posts, minimum one year experience

We are ambitious but not brash,
We are young but mature,
We are creative but practical,
We are disciplined and yet understand fun.
We are Axis Mutual Fund – among the most recent and the most exciting entrants to the mutual fund industry. Since our launch in January 2010 we have managed to build the trust of over 4,00,000 investors in over 600 Indian towns.
Keen to join  relax. IT’S AXIS. bandwagon?
Our investors can relax only if our employees enjoy work and the freedom we give them.
Working with Axis Asset Management is not just a job, it’s a journey. There’s so much more to explore here, even about yourself, that every day is a new day.
You want a challenging and enjoyable work environment we want you to realize your potential.
You want to be recognized for your work we want you to fulfill your aspirations.
Explore a whole new world of opportunities.We want you to know that we are right behind our people,just when you need us.
All Channels
Pondicherry, Panipat, Ujjain, Kolkata, Jalgaon, Bhadrak, Vapi
Banking Channel
Bangalore, Rohtak, Mumbai, Delhi
Institutional Sales
Chennai, Ahmedabad
Investor Services
Lucknow, Jalandhar, Varanasi
Retail Sales
Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai
Institutional Sales
Delhi, Mumbai

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