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Empanelment of Consultants with TCIL

Written By Ajit Kumar on Friday, June 13, 2014 | 9:46 PM

(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
GREATER KAILASH, New Delhi – 110048
Empanelment of Consultants

TCIL intends to empanel qualified and experienced retired personnel as Consultants.

Desirous persons having requisite qualification/experience in the Transmission field may submit their applications within the due date and time :

Minimum Educational Qualification : B.E./B.Tech/ B.Sc. in a recognized Institute/University.

Field of Specialization : Transmission, OPGW/ADSS cable installation, FTTH Installation

Experience : Essential : More than 30 years experience in OF cable Communication Systems, OSP, OPGW/ADSS Cable Installation, Splicing, Testing
of Optical Fibre Cables.

Desirable : Extensive knowledge in Transmission Networks and Installation of OPGW/ADSS Cables.

Job Profile : Project Management and Implementation of OPGW/ADSS Cable Systems.

Maximum Age limit : 65 years

Terms and Conditions:

1. The last date of receipt of applications is 19.06.2014.
2. The appointment of Consultant is purely on contract basis and any service rendered will not bestow any right for regularization of service or privileges of a permanent employee.
3. Remuneration would be decided based on the circular dated 15.12.2010 attached below.
4. The duration of contract will be as per the requirement in the concerned department and at the discretion of the Management.
5. Empanelment of a consultant may be terminated at any time and the decision of the CMD shall be final and binding in this regard.
6. TCIL reserves the right to terminate the empanelment of any or all the consultants at any time, without assigning any reason. No correspondence in this regard would be entertained.
7. The process is only for empanelment of the consultants and it would not be obligatory on TCIL to assign any work to the consultant so empanelled. This would be subject to actual requirements arising from time to time and the decision of the CMD, TCIL would be final in this regard.
8. The application in the prescribed format (Annexure -1) along with attested copies of the testimonials regarding qualification/ experience should be submitted to 
Executive Director (HRD), TCIL Bhawan, G.K.-I, New Delhi – 110048 upto the last
date of receipt of applications.

Application form for empanelment of Consultants with TCIL
1. Name of the Applicant :
2. Address :
3. Date of Birth :
4. E-mail :
5. Mobile no. :
6. Whether empanelled with any other organization :
7. Income tax PAN No. :
8. Field of Specialization :
9. Details of Qualification in chronological order ( with supporting documents) :

Year of passing
Field of specialization

10. Details of employment in chronological order (with supporting documents)
(use additional sheets if necessary) :

Nature of duties

I hereby declare that the information is to the best of my knowledge and belief and I understand that any willful misstatement may lead to my disqualification if engaged.

                                                           Signature of the applicant
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