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Assistant Professor posts in Indian Institute of Technology,Delhi

Written By Ajit Kumar on Monday, May 19, 2014 | 10:15 PM

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas ,New Delhi –110016



IIT Delhi invites applications from qualified Indian Nationals, Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) for the following positions in the various Departments/Centres/Schools (in the fields mentioned alongwith them):

Pay Band
Assistant Professor and
Assistant Professor (on Contract)
Rs.15600-39100 (PB-3) (Minimum pay of Rs.30000/-)+ AGP Rs.8000/-

On completion of three years of service shall move to Pay Band of Rs.37400-67000 (PB-4) with an  Academic Grade Pay (AGP) of Rs.9000 and will, however, continue to be designated as Assistant Professor.

The following norms will be followed for fixing the basic pay + AGP for Assistant Professors appointed on contract with Ph.D but experience of 3 years or less:-

Qualification & Experience on the date of joining
Assistant Professor (Contract) PB3 (Rs. 15,600-39,100).

Basic                                                             AGP
Fresh Ph.D
Rs. 26,620/-
Rs. 6,000/-
Ph.D + 1 year
Rs. 27,630/-
Rs. 7,000/-
Ph.D + 2 years
Rs. 28,670/-
Rs. 7,000/-
Ph.D + 3 years
Rs. 30,000/-
Rs. 8,000/-


Ph.D. with First class at the preceding degree or equivalent in the appropriate branch with very good academic record throughout.     A minimum of     three years industrial/research/teaching experience, excluding however, the experience gained while Pursuing Ph. D.

The candidates    should preferably be below   35 years of age for male and 38 years for female ( to be relaxed  by 5 years in case of persons with physical disability, SC/ST and 3 years in case of OBC-NCL).

Qualified persons include: (a)       Indian Nationals,
(b)       Foreign Nationals who are “Persons of Indian Origin” (PIO) or Overseas         Citizens of India (OCI), in whose case, if selected, permission will be sought from    Govt. of India before he/she can join IIT Delhi, or
(c)        Other Foreign Nationals, in whose case, if selected, appointment will be on a    contract basis for up to 5 (five) years subject to permission from the Govt. of India before he/she can join IIT Delhi.
(d)       Institute specifically encourages applicants from SC/ST/OBC category as well as persons with disability  to apply for these positions.


1.         APPLIED MECHANICSSolid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics,  Metallurgy and Material Science, Design Engineering.

2.          BIOCHEMICAL ENGG. & BIOTECHNOLOGY  Chemical Engg. and Biochemical Engg.

3.         CHEMICAL ENGG. :  Renewable and Conventional Energy Technologies, Interfacial Engg. and Nanotechnology, Molecular to Process Scale Modeling and Simulation, Optimization and Process Control, Bio-processing for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Technology, Environment Technologies,  Advance Novel Materials.

4.          CHEMISTRY :    All areas of Chemistry.

5.         CIVIL ENGG. : Environmental: Water and Waste Water Engg., Air Pollution Control Engg., Solid and  Hazardous Waste Engg., Geotech: Geotechnical Engg., Rock Machanics  and Rock Engg., Structures: Structural Engg. and Construction Management,  Transportation: Transportation Engg., Pavement Engg., Traffic Engg., Water Resources: Water Resources and related areas.

6.         COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGG.    High Performance Computing and Visualization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Wired and Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing and Machine- to-Machine,        Algorithms  &  Complexity,    Logic  &  Verification,  Information  Management,  Data Science & Big Data, Computer Vision, Graphics & Robotics Programming Languages, Semantics, Analysis & Language Implementation, Distributed & Multicore Computing,   Cloud Computing,   Cryptography and Systems &   Information Security, Human Computer Interaction, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, VLSI and EDA.

7.          ELECTRICAL ENGG. :  All areas of Electrical Engineering including Electronics & Circuits, Control
 Automation,   Communication    Radar,   Computer  Technology,   Power   Systems,   Power
Electronics, Machines & Drives.

8.          HUMANITIES & SOCIAL SCIENCES :    Economics, English (Literature), Linguistics, Philosophy, Policy Studies,  Psychology, Sociology.

9.          MANAGEMENT STUDIES :  Strategic Management,  Technology Management, Telecom Systems Management, Human Resource Management,   Operations & Supply Chain   Management, Information Systems Management,  Marketing Management.

10.        MATHEMATICS  :     Probability  and  Statistics,  Optimization,  Theoretical  Computer  Science, Numerical  and Scientific Computing.

11.        MECHANICAL ENGG.  :  Mechanical Design, Production Engg., Industrial Engg.,, Thermal Engg. (For more details about specific areas visit  http://mech.iitd.ac.in).

12.        PHYSICS :  High Energy Physics (Field Theory/Cosmology/GTR/Gravitation), Condensed Matter Theory(included Computational Materials Science), Experimental Ultrafast Optics, Quantum Photonics,  Plasma Physics (ITER/Space population devices).

13.        TEXTILE  TECHNOLOGY :  Textile Chemical Processing, Fabric Manufacture, Chemical Engg., Mechanical Engg., Electrical Engg., Instrumentation, Management.e.


14.        APPLIED  RESEARCH     IN     ELECTRONICS  :     Microwaves  and  RF,  Signal  Processing, Microelectronics,  Non-destructive Characterization

15.        ATMOSPHERIC  SCIENCES  :     Ocean  Modelling,  Climate  Modelling,  Meso-scale  Studies, Atmospheric dispersion.

16.        BIOMEDICAL ENGG. Bioelectronics, Biomechanics, Bioinstrumentation, Biomaterials.

17.        ENERGY  STUDIES  :    Fuel  Technology  (Coal,  Biomass),    Electrical  Energy  System  (Power System, Power Electronics),   Photovoltaic Devices and Systems, Solar Thermal Power and Cooling, Energy Efficiency and Economics, Plasma Science and Technology (Experimental and Simulations), Internal Combustion Engines and Alternative Fuels.

Engineering and Reliability,  Condition Monitoring, Lubrication, Tribological Materials.

19.        INSTURMEN DESIGN    DEVELOPMENT      :      Optics      with   specialisation   in   optical Instrumentation/Metrology/Optical Sensors, Electronics with specialisation in Electronics Instrumentation/Embedded Systems/Power Electronics,  Industrial Design  with specialisation in Product Form and Aesthetics/Human Factor/Product Prototyping/Human Interface Design.

20.        POLYMER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING  Polymer Chemistry/Synthesis, Polymer Blends and
Composites,  Polymer Rheology and Processing, Polymer Technology, Polymer Nano Composites.

21.        RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGY :    Rural energy systems, Water sanitation and habitat technologies, Food technology (processing, food quality and safety).

22.      NATIONAL  RESOURCE  CENTRE  FOR  VALUE  EDUCATION  IN  ENGG: Philosophy  of  Values,  Professional  Ethics,  Integration  of  Science,  Technology  and Human Values, Traditional Knowledge Systems and Values.


Security, Information Assurance.

24.         AMAR    NATH    &    SHASHI    KHOSLA    SCHOOL    OF    INFORMATION    TECHNOLOGY: Computational Neuroscience, Medical Applications of  Information Technologies, Computational    System Biology,   Machine   to   Machine   (M2M)   Technologies, Embedded Systems & Sensors, Computer Security.

25.        KUSUMA SCHOOL OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES:   In-silico Biology Applications, Systems

Biology, Infection Biology, Neurodegeneration.


    The areas mentioned above against each Department/Centre/School are only indicative and not exhaustive. The Institute is open to receiving applications from candidates with specialization in these and other related areas.
    If it is felt necessary or desirable, the appointment in a Center or a School may be made jointly with an appropriate Department.
    Government of India policy on reservation of faculty positions as applicable to IITs, including that for persons with disability, will apply.
    The minimum requirement of qualifications and/or experience may be relaxed in respect of exceptionally outstanding candidates in certain areas.
    A mere fulfillment of required minimum qualifications and experience does not entitle a candidate to be called for an interview/discussion.
•   The Institute reserves the right to fill or not to fill the posts advertised.

    No correspondence whatsoever will be entertained from the candidates regarding postal delays, conduct and result of interview, and reasons  for not being called for interview or selection.
     Depending upon the qualification and experience, a higher start/salary may be offered in deserving cases.
    Separate online application must be filled, if a candidate is applying for a faculty position in more than one Department/Centre/or School.
     The candidates called for interview  will be paid AC2-Tier by Train/Economy Class by Air or actual expenditure and AC Taxi by road (from Airport/Railway Station/ISBT and back) fare from their place of residence/work and back by the shortest route   within India.
    Candidates employed with Government/Semi-Government Organizations  or with Autonomous Bodies must print a copy of the electronic submission and submit the printed version through proper channel at the address given below.

    A “No Objection Certificate” from the present employer is required to be submitted at the time of interview in case application has not been sent through proper channel.
IIT Delhi makes every attempt to help faculty members settle in their academic role and to grow professionally. Further details are available at (https://recruit.iitd.ac.in),
This includes:

1.   Initiation grant of up to Rs.10.00 lakhs for research.

2.   A cumulative Professional Development Allowance of Rs. 3 lakhs for every block period of 3 years is available to every member of the faculty to meet the expenses for participating in both National and International Conferences, paying the membership fee of various professional bodies, books and periodicals and contingent expenses.
3.   Reimbursement of telephone bills up to a ceiling of Rs.1500/-per month.

4.   There is provision for payment of travelling/moving allowance to faculty joining the Institute from abroad (upto Rs. 100000) or from elsewhere in India (upto Rs.50000) as per Institute rules, details of which are available on the Institute website.

5.   Institute has a Young Faculty Incentive Fellowship Scheme  sponsored by Alumni or Industry that enable newly recruited young faculty members to       draw an additional Rs.10,000/- per month as honorarium from this grant.  The research grant is available till the faculty member  is in PB3 grade.

ACCOMMODATION:  Suitable residential accommodation as per Institute rules shall be provided on the Campus on joining the Institute (this is subject to availability). With the renovation of many  apartments, almost all interested new faculty members  would be able to get an apartment soon in the Campus.
ABOUT  THE  CAMPUS:       Extending  into  an  area  of  320  acres,  the  campus  is imaginatively laid out with a picturesque landscape with clean and wide roads. The campus provides all essential amenities   for community living including Staff Club, Hospital, Shopping Centre, Banks, ATMs, Post Office, Community Centre, etc.

It is a requirement that candidates visit the IIT Delhi website (https://recruit.iitd.ac.in), prepare and submit the completed application for appointment against the above position. The website also contains useful information on various aspects of working and living at IIT Delhi and on the recruitment process.

As a precaution, after submitting the application through the website, please retain a printed copy of the application with you.

However, only in those cases where Internet access is not available, an application form may be obtained from the Deputy Registrar (E-I) by sending a self-addressed envelope
(26cm x 11cm) to the address given below. The completed application may be sent by postal mail to the address given below. In those cases where Internet access is available, the application must be submitted only through the website.

(Candidates who have applied online,  please log on to our site (https://recruit.iitd.ac.in)
and check the status whether your application is received or not).

All purpose Address: Deputy Registrar (E-I) IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi-110016 (INDIA) Telephone: +91-11-26591716
Fax: +91-11-26597216

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